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St. Thomas Aquinas

Regional Secondary School

At the beginning of the third millennium all those involved in Catholic education are called to build communities of faith and holiness. In partnership with the family and the parish, the Catholic school participates in the saving mission of the Church. By evangelization, catechesis and works of service, the Catholic school builds up both the family of faith and human community.


The Catholic school provides religious and moral reference points to help students critically examine the culture around them and build a society enlightened by the values of the Gospel:


  • In a world that ignores the human thirst for God, it shares the living waters of our faith;

St. Thomas Aquinas High School North Vancouver
  • In a time when there is little reverence for the image of God in the human person, it gives an unequivocal witness to the dignity of human life;

  • In an age marked by relativism and a crisis of meaning, it evangelizes our culture's ways of thinking, standards of judgment and norms of behaviour with the truth of the Gospel;

  • In a culture in which communication and relationships are often reduced to utilitarian ends, it proclaims a life of communion with God and others;

  • In a world disfigured by poverty, oppression and war, it promotes justice and peace;

  • In a society marked by personality cults, it bears witness to Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Lord, as the model for the fullest human life;

  • In a time that often seems to be without goals and fearful of the future, it gives an account of the hope that is within us (1 Peter 3:15).

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