An easy way to stay connected

Flocknote is the parish's email and text alert system. It's simple to sign up. Find out how by watching this short video.

Signing up for Flocknote at CTR will automatically subscribe you to our "Weekly Update" email. The Update contains notes about everything from parish activities to events in the Archdiocese, to helpful resources for growing your faith. 

Flocknote how-to video

On occasion, you may also receive emails that are important to the entire parish, such as notices about changes to Sunday Masses, a charitable outreach initiative of the parish, or a large parish event. Please contact our Communications Coordinator if you do not wish to receive regular parish updates.


You will notice that there are other lists you can subscribe to, such as Weekly Homilies from Msgr Smith or the Men's Prayer Group. You will only receive emails from these groups if you specifically subscribe to them. 

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