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Becoming Catholic (RCIA)

Get to Know RCIA

What is RCIA? 

RCIA stands for the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. It's the process of inquiry for those interested in learning about the Catholic faith and/or formally seeking to become members of the Catholic Church.

What is the commitment for RCIA?

At Christ the Redeemer, participants generally meet once a week on Tuesday nights with gradual introduction to Mass on Sundays as well.  Depending on their readiness, individuals have an opportunity to become members of the Catholic Church at Easter.  

One makes no commitment by attending a session – you are most welcome to come and "check us out"! We hope you will enjoy exploring the Catholic faith in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and give us a chance to serve you wherever you are at.


What can I expect when I attend a session?

Tuesday sessions involve dynamic presentations on the teachings of the faith, a period for questions and discussion, and an introduction to prayer. 

Ready to join RCIA?

To inquire about RCIA please email the parish office.

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Want to learn more about Catholicism?

Check out the options below.

What is it?

A foundational look at the person of Jesus and what it means to have a personal relationship with Him.

Who is it for?

Those who wish to know Jesus personally. Discovery is best suited for Christians and those who know about Jesus.


The Search

What is it?

A 7-week video series and discussion that explores God, faith, and Catholicism.

Who is it for?

The Search is perfect for anyone looking to explore the Catholic faith, but also sparks discussion for devout Catholics to enjoy.


What is it?

An 11-week video series and discussion that is a basic introduction to the Christian faith.

Who is it for?

All are welcome at Alpha! That said, it is specifically designed for those who have little experience with Christianity.

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