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Discovery faith study participant guide
Source faith study participant guide
Growth faith study participant guide
Trust faith study participant guide
Commission faith study participant guide

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Faith Studies are small group studies created by Catholic Christian Outreach to allow participants to delve deeper into the Catholic Faith and experience a personal relationship with Jesus. Everyone should have the opportunity to make a "decision for Christ," and sometimes people we assume are already in a personal relationship with Christ are actually unsure about how to enter this kind of relationship. Once one learns that a personal relationship with Jesus is possible and are able to choose this for themselves, they find greater joy in their new and fulfilling walk with the Lord.

Through the five studies, participants are led through a three-fold journey that allows them to be proclaimed to, equipped, and commissioned to share the Gospel to the ends of the world, as Jesus taught us (Matthew 28:17-20).

The three-fold faith study journey (Proclaim, Equip, Commission) continues after Discovery into the Equip phase, with Source, a study on the third Person of the Holy Spirit - an essential Person, but perhaps the least understood. Participants are equipped to welcome the Holy Spirit into their daily lives and learn about everything that is possible when we rely on God.

In Growth, participants receive practical advice and tips and learn about the six elements crucial to Catholic Christian growth: prayer, Scripture, Sacraments, fellowship, witness, and service. 

In Trust, participants are challenged in topics of daily life that require surrender and trust in God and His will, like vocation, speech, and chastity; and are presented with opportunities to grow in trust and virtue in the walk to Christ.

Finally, moving into the commission phase, is the fifth study: Commission. Through a wide variety of materials including the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Papal encyclicals and speeches, and the lives of the saints and missionaries who have gone before us, participants are reminded of the essential identity of mission that is entrusted to the Church. Participants are sent out into the world with all they have learned to share the Gospel with others.

Christ the Redeemer is currently offering all five studies. As the studies build on each other, it is important that the studies are completed in order. For more information about Faith Studies and what Christ the Redeemer can offer you in this journey, please email us.

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Faith Studies run at various times during the week and year. Let us know your interest by signing up and we will contact you to confirm when we have a group for you.


If you have a group of friends who would like to do a faith study, we can find a leader to get that group up and running more quickly!

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