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Great Adventure Bible Study

What is the Great Adventure Bible Study?

"The Great Adventure" Bible Study Program is a series of Bible studies produced by Ascension Press and hosted on camera by Jeff Cavins. The Great Adventure approach to reading Scripture is ground-breaking, helping guide you through reading the Bible like never before. Each study presents the major people, places, and events of the Bible in a way which shows how the events of the Bible come together to reveal one remarkable, interconnected story of our Faith.  

The Great Adventure Bible studies (GABS) at Christ the Redeemer

The Great Adventure Bible studies group is open to new participants as a series is beginning. You're welcome to join for one session or more, whatever fits your schedule and comfort level! Sign up for a series if you want to learn how to read and understand the Bible in a way that brings a fresh perspective to the exciting but sometimes overwhelming text of Scripture. GABS wants to help you connect with the Bible in a way that is comfortable for you. All are welcome.

When in session, the GABS group meets weekly to watch an episode from a Great Adventure series. Each week begins with a large-group discussion before the video which is optional. 


When is the next study? 

Check back here or the Weekly Update for details on when the next study will launch!

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Check back soon for details about the next study.

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