Project Advance 2021: Our Way Forward

​Project Advance 2021: Our Way Forward has now officially launched. Project Advance is the Archdiocese of Vancouver's annual capital fundraising campaign. It not only provides for our local Church, but also strengthens our parishes. It helps each parish meet its own unique needs and it ensures that the sacrifices of past generations are built upon for the benefit of the future.

Those who have been most impacted by the coronavirus pandemic were already on the margins. Project Advance has sustained the life of our local Church and shown us Our Way Forward. Your gift to Project Advance will help grow our parish and bring Christ’s love to those who need it most right now.

This year’s appeal will continue to provide life-changing programs that support the work of evangelization, charities, ministries, as well as building new secondary schools that nurture our young people. You can build on the good of what was achieved and continue to innovate.

To find out out specifically how your donation will be a difference in our Archdiocese, visit the Project Advance website.


With your continued support Project Advance will again help meet the needs of our parish community and those of our wider local Church. The Archdiocese gives each parish a financial goal each year. Once that goal is reached, all remaining money goes towards projects in our parish.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration in supporting Project Advance 2021 and strengthening our parish. Visit to learn more about the appeal and to make your gift.