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Society of St. Vincent de Paul


The Society of St Vincent de Paul (SSVP) was founded in 1834 in Paris by two students attending the University of Paris after a detractor of the faith chided the students to do more for the poor. In response, Blessed Frederik Osanam founded the Society and named it after the 16th century French saint, St Vincent de Paul, who was known as a tireless defender of the poor.  The movement soon spread to Canada in 1846, first to Montreal and later to Toronto.  Today, the Society is active in over 180 countries and has more than one million active members.  The Society is made up of lay Catholics who assist the poor in whatever circumstances they are found to give witness to the Vincentian spirituality of "loving thy neighbour."


The local chapter of the Society at Christ the Redeemer was established in 2009 and has over 90 active members. 

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Day-to-Day Activities

In practical terms, SSVP at Christ the Redeemer is involved in the following activities:


  • Weekly pick up of bread from Cobs Breads for distribution to Covenant House.

  • 36 Monday evenings where sandwiches, hot coffee, juice, fruit and pastries are distributed to homeless and low income residents of the downtown East Side.

  • Support to Sancta Maria House, a home that provides support to women working to get off the streets and battling addictions (donations of toiletries, laundry soap).

  • Door is Open: 12 Saturdays during the year where we prepare a lunch for 200 guests (residents of the downtown East Side).

  • Archdiocesan Men’s Shelter: pancake breakfast served to the 100 male residents of this shelter.

  • Iraqi Refugee Community: support to recently arrived Iraqi refugees (job search, interview skills, material support such as household furnishings and goods, food).

  • Christmas hampers: the collection of non-perishable foodstuffs from parishioners and the preparation and delivery of hampers to needy families in the city.

  • First Friday Evening Prayer: prayer is the foundation of all that we do as Vincentians. 

Shane Nossal currently coordinates the activities of SSVDP at Christ the Redeemer. To get in touch with him, please contact the parish office.

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