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Parish History

CTR in the 90s

Christ the Redeemer Church was planned by the pastor and parishioners of St. Anthony's Parish, which had celebrated Mass in the gymnasium of St. Anthony's School (the site of the new parish). Designed by the architectural firm of parishioner Oberto Oberti, the church was dedicated June 29, 1990 by Vancouver Archbishop James Carney with the assistance of the former pastor of St. Anthony's, by then Bishop Peter Mallon of Nelson.


When the parish was established canonically, Father Timothy McCarthy was named its first pastor, an office he held for nearly twenty years.

St. Anthony's School was completely rebuilt and blessed by Archbishop Raymond Roussin on April 8, 2005.

St. Anthony's School old
St. Anthony's School old
St. Anthony's school old

Now at thirty years old, Christ the Redeemer Parish looks back on years of building a close community, supporting Catholic education, and sustaining its members in their journey of faith through a strong commitment to beautiful liturgies, outreach to those in need, and adult faith formation.

New plaza
St. Anthony's School Class of 1958

St. Anthony's School Grade 1 Class, 1958

St. Anthony's Class of 1962

St. Anthony's School Grade 4 Class, 1962


Greg Nash, Doug Cullen, Paul Porter, Jonathan Berry, Phil McCourt, Martin Jones, Robbie Billesburger, Pat Smith, Nancy Bean, Monica Guildersleeve, Margaret Redfern, Tammi Malat, Mary Lou Field, Michael Barry, Miss Gunn, Kathy Stubbs, Carol Brassington, Stephanie Berto, Georgette Moran, Rosalind Lawlor, Louise Gay, Jackie Miller, Ken Corcoran, Dennis Touhey, Jamie, Michael Boreham, Kirk Brennan.

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