Stewardship is a manifold concept as it is a way to share our time and talents to serve and give testimony of our faith to others, nourishing and deepening our own relationship with God our Lord at the same time. The outcome of the generosity of a parish is a community based on Christian values.


Stewardship in our parish is the expression of gratitude we give to God for the gifts he has given us - we give back to Him our Time, our Talents and our Treasure.


Talents come in different packages and sizes, some of them as simple as reading or listening to the needy, some other as specialized as building a church.

What is your talent? What are the gifts God has given you? Check below here for a downloadable Excel survey, called the Spiritual Gift Inventory, that can help you find and calculate your gifts. You will also find below a PDF explaining the gifts and matching them to the ministries at CTR that would be the best fit for your gifts. 

Gifts are meant to be shared - share your gifts with our parish!

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