Prison Ministry

Catholic Charities Justice Service (CCJS) Ministries seeks to mediate God’s healing and restorative touch to all who are touched by crime. Volunteers bring the face of Christ to all they meet, and in turn, Christ’s suffering is revealed to the volunteer.
There are no discardable people. Our faith instructs us that every human person is created in the image of God, and Jesus’ saving death for us means that redemption from the effects of sin is possible.



Prison Visitation: is made up of men and women volunteers who minister to help our brothers and sisters “redeem, restore and reconcile” their lives, by visiting inmates in provincial and federal prisons. Inmates often feel unloved and unlovable, but have said in many ways that the volunteers show them that the community hasn’t given up on them. Volunteers visit in groups for various activities and Programs such as Mass, praise and worship, Taize, Bible Study, Rosary making, Houses of Healing and many more.

Support for Released OffendersVolunteers attend to those returning from incarceration to the community through Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA) activities.

Support for Victims: Outreach to support victims of crime through a new healing and support program: V-CoS - Victim Circles of Support.

Community and Parish Programs: Volunteers are involved in other activities such as: Prayer sessions, Card/Calendar collection and distribution, Adopt a Prison Program for Parishes and High Schools, Speakers for our Catholic High Schools and other activities to support families of offenders.

We always looking to expand outreach by introducing new relevant programs for volunteer participation.

For more information on the Catholic Charities Justice Service Ministries and Volunteering, please contact:

Maureen Donegan, Archdiocese CCJS Coordinator


OR our Parish Liaison: Anita Callahan. Please contact the Parish Office to be put in touch with her.

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