Marriage Preparation

Preparation for Marriage

Marriage is a most important commitment.  The Church wants each couple to be well prepared for their lifelong journey together.  It is not important whether the couple plans an elaborate wedding ceremony, or just a simple celebration with family and friends. The Church’s primary concern is to see that each couple is ready to live a lifelong commitment of love together.  It therefore asks them to do the following as they prepare for marriage.




Contact the Parish

Make an appointment to meet with a Priest. Parishioners who are of Christ the Redeemer Parish and others preparing for marriage should call the parish office, at least six months prior to their chosen wedding date. The parish secretary will help you set up an appointment to speak with a priest. A wedding date cannot be reserved until the couple completes this step.

Policies concerning the celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage in the Archdiocese of Vancouver can be found at:


A marriage preparation course is required in most cases. The current schedule of courses can be found at:


In keeping with Church law and policies of the Archdiocese of Vancouver, we celebrate marriages at Christ the Redeemer only for those living within our parish boundaries or who are registered and have regularly been attending Mass at Christ the Redeemer.


Exceptions to this rule are made only for children of our parishioners who have moved away. In these cases, they will require a letter of permission from their own pastor, whose responsibility it will be to prepare them for marriage according to the policies of the place where they reside.

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