Mass During COVID

In-person Masses have resumed at Christ the Redeemer in accordance with the BC Restart Plan. Online registration for Sunday Mass opens each Tuesday at 2 pm.

Mass continues to be live streamed on our YouTube channel every Sunday at 10 am.

The Archbishop's dispensation of the Sunday obligation continues. For the latest information from the Archdiocese, please visit

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In-Person Mass

Registration for Sunday Mass will be managed online through Eventbrite on a first come, first served basis for a maximum of 50 people at the following times:

  • Saturday at 5:00 pm

  • Sunday at 10:00 am (also livestreamed followed by distribution of Holy Communion from 11:00 - 11:30 am)

  • Sunday at 12:00 pm

  • Sunday at 5:00 pm

Daily weekday Mass will be offered for up to 50 people Monday-Friday at 8:15 am and Saturday at 9:00 am. Registration will be at the door.


Get to know the new Sunday Mass registration system below:

Why online registration?

To manage the limited number of people allowed at each time, we have set up a ticketing process through Eventbrite. This gives everyone equal access to register on a first come, first served basis and it allows you, the parishioner, to have full control over signing up and canceling a registration if need be. The office is here to help, but they will not register you over the phone. 

Why do I need a ticket to attend Mass, and how does this work?

One 'ticket' is required per person attending, even if you are part of the same household. You may register up to 6 people in one registration.

There is no cost for a ticket, but we need your registration in order to keep track of who and how many people will be attending. You must enter one unique (individual) name per ticket being reserved. Unnamed or duplicate tickets may be canceled by parish staff.​

What if I register and am unable to attend Mass?

If you are unable to attend Mass but have registered for a seat, it is extremely important that you log back in to your registration and cancel it. By canceling the registration, you will release your seat(s) and allow others to take your place. If you only wish to cancel only one ticket of several in your order, please email (if before Friday at 5 pm) or (if on the weekend). .

We are required to pre-register guests, so it is important that all changes are made through Eventbrite.

I can't get online to register at 2 pm. What if tickets sell out?

We've set our opening time for tickets to be 2 pm because the office team wants to be available to assist with any technical challenges that may arise. If you're unable to register online at that time, we recommend asking someone else to register you. The good news is that have also had people regularly cancel a ticket due to unforeseen circumstances and these tickets will be released to be claimed by someone else up to 2 hrs before the scheduled Mass time. Keep checking back! 

I liked the EPES Mass system we had in the fall, why change it?

It took several weeks and robust management from staff and volunteers to execute the "Every Parishioner, Every Sunday" Mass system that we ran in the fall. When it was announced that public Masses could resume in May, we wanted parishioners to be able to return to Mass immediately and according to a schedule that would be scalable as restrictions continue to ease allowing increased group sizes at each time. The BC Restart Plan indicates this should happen soon, and we anticipate that the 50 person limit at Mass will be only temporary.

Check-in process

You do not need to print or show your ticket(s), but you will need to check-in with a member of the welcome team when you arrive so your attendance can be recorded. If a member of your party has not pre-registered they will not be allowed entry.

Registration will open 10 minutes before Mass. If you arrive earlier, we ask that you wait until the volunteers are ready to check you in.

Enter through the side door to the left of the main double doors and state your name at the check-in desk. You will be shown to a designated seat.

Health & Safety

In order to comply with the current health orders, please note that we all must continue to observe the following protocols:

  • Complete an online self-assessment health check before attending Mass. If you do not pass the health check, you must remain home. Please cancel your ticket.

  • If you have an underlying medical condition or a compromised immune system, we are required to caution against attending in-person services. 

  • Masks are mandatory at all times indoors. If you do not have a mask, we will provide you with one.

  • Sanitize your hands after entering the church at the check in table. 

  • Physical distancing of 2 metres must be maintained at all times. We have measured seating to ensure proper distancing. 

  • Members of a household will be seated together and a minimum of 2 metres from other households. Please remain in your seat for the duration of Mass. 

  • Communion will be distributed at the end of the service as you leave the church. 

  • The church will be thoroughly sanitized after each service.

  • Singing during the Liturgy is not permitted. Instead, our beautiful musicians will lead worship from the safety of the choir loft. 

  • Exit the church immediately following the reception of Communion to allow for sanitizing.

  • Participants must not gather or socially engage before, during or after the service. 

Distribution of Holy Communion

We will continue to offer regular distribution of Holy Communion for those who are unable to attend in-person Mass at this time. Please come to the parish between 11:00 - 11:30 am on Sundays to receive Communion, following the directions below:


Note: Although participating in the livestreamed Mass is not a requirement for receiving Holy Communion, you are strongly encouraged to prepare for the Eucharist in this way.

  1. Watch livestreamed Mass from CTR on Sunday at 10 am by visiting

  2. Arrive at the parish to receive Communion between 11:00 am - 11:30 pm on Sunday. There is no rush to arrive early as the priests will distribute during the full window of time. 

  3. Park your vehicle and pray the Prayers Before Communion (below). Wait until a space in line becomes available. A maximum of five households at a time may exit their vehicles to line up for Communion. 

  4. The line begins at the top of the walkway leading from the school entrance to the gym doors. This area is outdoors but sheltered. 

  5. Maintain at least two meters of distance from other households, with masks on, until you are ready to receive the Eucharist.

  6. Receive Holy Communion in the hand once you have reached the front of the line.

  7. Return to your vehicle to make a Prayer of Thanksgiving (below) as the church will not be open for private prayer during this time. 

  8. To keep things running smoothly, please exit the parking lot as soon as you have finished making a Prayer of Thanksgiving. 

Prayer Ministry will continue to be offered after the 10 am livestreamed Mass.

Prayers Before Communion

Lord Jesus Christ, I firmly believe that you are present in the Blessed Sacrament as true God and true Man, with your Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity. My Redeemer and my Judge, I adore your Divine Majesty together with the angels and saints. I believe, O Lord; increase my faith.

Lord, I am not worthy that You should enter under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Lord Jesus Christ, you gave us the Eucharist as the memorial of your suffering and death. You renew us at your table with the bread of life. May this food strengthen us in love and help us to serve you in each other. All glory, praise, and thanksgiving to you forever and ever. Amen.

Church Hours

You are welcome to visit the church to pray during open hours. Please remember that masks are required at all times within the parish facilities (office, church, other). 




  8:00 am – 4:30 pm
  9:00 am – 3:00 pm
  1:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Should I Come to Church?

The Archbishop's dispensation of the Sunday obligation continues. All those visiting the church do so at their own risk. It is important for individuals and families to take responsibility for protecting themselves and others. Please read ALL the important information below before visiting the church.​


The following people must stay home for the sake of the wider community:

  • Those with COVID-19 or who live with someone with COVID-19.

  • People who have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.

  • The sick, including those with even the slightest symptoms or feelings of sickness, especially if with upper respiratory or flu-like symptoms.

  • Those who have recently travelled outside of Canada.

The following people are encouraged to stay home:

  • People who live with someone with upper respiratory or flu-like symptoms.

  • People, especially the elderly, with underlying or compromised medical conditions

  • Family members who live with elderly people or those who are at risk.


Confession is being offered at the usual times:

9:30 am – 10:00 am

4:00 pm – 4:30 pm



Come encounter Jesus in the sacrament of mercy. You may find our Guide to Confession and Examination of Conscience useful in helping you prepare.

COVID Safety Plans

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